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ST4 annotation leader locked on line

Hi guys
I occasionally run into a problem using annotations with leaders.
If I position the arrow head too close to an element ( line for example ) it locks onto the line and I can't work out how to remove the relationship.
If I view relationships there doesn't appear to be any between the leader and lines.

So two questions, how do i prevent the leader snapping to lines, and if it occurs how do I remove the relationship?

PS awesome product guys.

Re: ST4 annotation leader locked on line

HaHa, found the answer in the help pages.
For others that maybe interested the arrow head is called the terminator. Terminators can be associative or non associative. Associative terminators move with the element. This is the problem I originally described. To make an associative terminator non associative hold the alt key and drag the terminator off the part
Asked and answered.

Re: ST4 annotation leader locked on line

Thanks. I always wondered if there was a way to do that.
Edit: Just an FYI. In order for this to work you have to click on the black selection point after pressing the "Alt" key in order to drag the arrow off the part. You can't just click on the arrow, it must be the selection point.