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ST5 Dowlnload Email not received yet


I now have ST4 installed. Following a previous post asking if ST5 was available yet, which it apparently is, I filled out the online form for it, expecting the email with download instructions in a few minutes afterwards. It's been almost a week and it hasn't arrived yet.
Is this a glitch? What should I do, try again? Thanks.


Re: ST5 Dowlnload Email not received yet

Well, no one has answered and I don't want to waste more time so I risked winging it and I'm posting my own answer in case someone else experiences a similar issue:
I filled out the form at the ST5 student download request page with exactly the same information as before and after 1/2 hour waiting, I again didn't get the email. I tried again with a different email address and I got the email right away. I don't know why that is but it just takes away from consistency in the records one has to keep.
The install went fine although right after the window where the name is entered and one has to browse to where one has stored the license txt file which was emailed, the next page asks which Solid Edge software one wants to install and there are several choices. After clicking on Solid Edge nothing happened but I could see my HDD was being accessed. It appeared to be hanging but it's just really slow even though my PC is relatively fast. After about 8 minutes, the install wizard appeared and the processed continued just fine. So just be patient if that also happens to you.

Re: ST5 Dowlnload Email not received yet

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
If you did not recieve the e-mail with your other account, it was most likely due to getting flagged as SPAM and either ending up in your Junk e-mail folder or your provider not delivering it to you at all.
Typically when an application takes so long to start installing is because of 2 things.
- First, all the files needed to install the application are in a compressed archive. They must all be expanded before the install starts. As you can imagine the Solid Edge application is many times larger than most any other software you may have installed.
- Second, I'm assuming you run a virus scanner and if so, it will scan all the files when you start the install and as they are being decompressed. Again, since SE is so large, it will take some time.


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