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ST5 subprogram licenses?


I have started doing the tutorials for this program when, on the Assembly Modeling tutorial, I came across two dialog boxes which gave me certain concern. I have attached screenshots of them to this post. They are both prompting for licenses which I do not have -- one for the Mold Tooling program, one for Electrode Design. Are these two necessary for me to continue full use of this program? Should I obtain the licenses, and if so, how? Seeing as the license utility program does not work, I will be fine with uninstalling and reinstalling the program to add the license files directly from that process. I have the student edition and am operating on Windows 7.
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Re: ST5 subprogram licenses?

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Solution Partner Phenom
AFAIK, the student license only includes the license for SE itself, but you must have installed all applications from the DVD!!
Simply uninstall Solid Edge Mold Tooling and Electrode Design to get rid of the license error messages.