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ST6 2D to 3D greyed out


Hello Community, I hope some of you can help me with an issue I figured out this week. I am using ST6 academic for private use and eductaion. I have an installation on a cor WIN7 Computer and on an Apple Macbook Pro using VMWARE. The installation on the MBP works fine and I have no issues at all.


But for any reason, I have an issue on the WIN7 Computer when I try to create a 3D part using a 2D Drawing.

When I try to create the 3D Part, the Assisten for this is simply greyed out. If I load exactly the same drawing an the Apple MBP, everything is working fine.


I fully deleted the ST6 installation on the WIN7 machine and removed all registry entrys to secure that I will have a fresh installation and re Installed a brand new Academic ST6 Version just today. 

Unfortunately the same results....


I am really lost in this. Any suggestions?





Betreff: ST6 2D to 3D greyed out

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Andreasu




I wanted to answer Your question for a couple of days, but unfortunately - since an anwer via Android tablet isn't possible at the moment, I had to wait until today morning, back in the office.




Have You checked, wether or not You have the same service pack installed at Your machines?


Maybe the missing of the 2D to 3D button is a matter of MP?



Give it a try, otherwise I have no idea what could be a reason for this behaviour.




Betreff: ST6 2D to 3D greyed out


Hi Wolfgang,


yes on all three machines I have in use, teh service packs are the same. On two machines ST6 is working fine, just on the most important Computer in my workshop, the 3D function is greyed out. Sure Murphys law Smiley Wink

The only thin I have not checked yet is if the .Net Version is the same on all of them. UNfortunately I need to stick with the 32 bit version of solid edge as on my "workshop" PC I do have the program to control my cnc Mill (I am a little freaky for machines) but the Machine control Software just works under WIN732 be prcise, some ogf the plugins needed for external control hardware. And as Solid Edge is not capabla to export files for older Versions, this is a blind street.....

My other machines are 64bit WIn7 machines but using ST6 32bit on them.

Betreff: ST6 2D to 3D greyed out

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Check to see if the program folder contains autosketch.dll


If it does, try registering it. Open a command prompt window and go to the folder and do this:


regsvr32 autosketch.dll


You should get a message box from the OS indicating if the registration worked. You might get one warning about editing the registry but ignore past that one.


If that fails, contact me at I will send you a copy of a tool that will indicate if the component that provides that command is installed on the machine and if so, it will let you try to create the component independent of Solid Edge. If it sees the component and can create it, then there is another issue, such as a licensing issue.