ST6 Dimensions in Sketches

Well as much as Synchronous tried to kill Sketches and what they serve, I still use them a lot. OK I know KILL is a harsh word, but at least I didn't chew my pop-tart into the shape of a gun!

Anyway is there any way to turn OFF seeing the Dimensions that are being used in Sketches, just like PMI dimensions? I know that this seems silly but I still start a lot of geometry in the sketch environment, and defining things with dimensions in a sketch is still useful.

Maybe we should have ST transfer these dimensions into PMI after creating a Feature after the sketch gets thrown into the "used sketch" pile. Of course I still want them to stay with my used sketches too in case it needs restoring.

My point is we all use Sketching to design with. And I assume a lot of us still drive these sketches with Dimensions. So if I'm making this effort, why not let ST capture this designer intent?

Any thoughts?



Re: ST6 Dimensions in Sketches

BobMileti wrote:

Anyway is there any way to turn OFF seeing the Dimensions that are being used in Sketches...



I believe you could use the Layers pane. They are present in Synchronous and Ordered sketchs.

Hope this helps a little bit.


Re: ST6 Dimensions in Sketches



Here's what I'm talking about... it's the clutter. I understand that Sync think that when I select a face I want or need all those dimensions. OK I agree, But as I select more and more faces (to delete) the screen starts getting too cluttered. So during this it would be great like in PMI to click these Dimension off, so I can see what I'm doing better.


Re: ST6 Dimensions in Sketches

Bob, what I think you want is perhaps a toggle to even keep them from showing intitially.  While not ideal,if you select a bunch of faces and then click the PMI node checkbox on and then back off, the dims will disappear.  Of course the next face you pick will show dims attached to it, but the others you already selected will not, and you can doudble toggle it as much as you need to.


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