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ST6 Surfacing


I thought ST6 was going to have synchronous surfacing.  Was really looking forward to that, as I usually delete the history tree on parts with lots of complex surfacing anyway...

Did I misunderstand, or was it cut?


Re: ST6 Surfacing


If you are asking if ST6 has the ability to manipulate the shape of spline-based faces directly (without sketches), then no, this is not in ST6.

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Re: ST6 Surfacing

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Community Manager

I believe we've been pretty clear on this all along -- at least in the forums that I've communicated our plans here, such as Solid Edge University, Solid Edge Summits, etc. and the plan is as follows:


1. Providing the full breadth of surfacing functionality, including "C2 everywhere" and being functionally "best in class" was the top priority. I believe this was achieved with ST6 -- in the ordered environment.

2. Synchronous surfacing comes after that, and is subject to prioritization amongst other important projects.


Given that "ordered surfacing" now is "functionally complete" with ST6, we plan to let this bake a little with our customers in production and make sure we have the right vector here. We will revisit synchronous surfacing in the future. (after ST7).



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: ST6 Surfacing


I've been very impressed with ST6's new surfacing tools and agree that we need to let us users get a handle on all this new stuff before we race off in putting Surfacing in Sync.

As a Solid Edge user for many years I have learned to appreciate the slow and steady approach to development, then the "big marketing splash" with no real productivity advantage to the end user.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the SE Development Team have put into ST6 and especially Surfacing.