ST6 video cards

Is there a site here that provides a list of supported video cards for SE ST6?


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As I recall, most CAD OEMs gave up on providing full lists of supported Graphic Cards awhile back. There are just way too many different cards and then compound with driver versions and hardware configurations...just a nightmare to maintain.


If there are lists they are based on preconfigured workstations from the workstation OEM.


Just remember OpenGL cards are tuned for CAD applications! And with that statement let the debates begin!

Re: ST6 video cards

You might find the discussion located below interesting if not enlightening.

Bruce Shand
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Re: ST6 video cards

The best vid cards for SE are the Nvidia K2200 or K4200


Most find the K2200 sufficient. I'm using the K4200 and have a very responsive system.


Past the K4200 is overkill.


The most important things for SE peformance is clock speed of a single CPU. For the most part SE is single threaded. Boxx computers can be purchased already overclocked at 4.5 Ghz and are certified to work with SE. Raid 0 SSD's also helps the access times.