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ST7 64Bit Problem

Hey there!

I´ve a problem with my student version of the ST7. My Laptop runs on the 64-Bit version of Win7 Premium, but I cannot install the software. I had downloaded the software and after it, as I tried to open the EXE the progress crashed with the failiure: "ST7... is no valid Win32-Application".

I don´t no what to do. I also checked it twice if my system is running on 64-Bit.


Thank´s for your help!


Re: ST7 64Bit Problem

Hi PZ,


What is the full filename of the .EXE that you are running ?

In which folder is this EXE located ?




Re: ST7 64Bit Problem

Hi Tushar,
the full name is C:\Users\User\Documents\Solid_Edge_ENGLISH_ST7 and its in my documents. Ought I´ve to transver it into a annother folder?

Re: ST7 64Bit Problem

Also if i download it again, suddenly it is corrupt.
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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: ST7 64Bit Problem

PZ wrote:
Also if i download it again, suddenly it is corrupt.


Hi there,


I suspect this is actually the case in both instances.....have you tried to download it from another browser, or even a different computer system all together?

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Re: ST7 64Bit Problem

Yes of course. I did it with Chrome, Internet Explorer. Also i tried it with my buissnes Laptop (Also Win7 Premium).