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ST7 - Download


Greeting everyone!

I know, I read on another topic that you can't download the student version of the ST7 version, but my University is asking me to use that version (because that's the one they use). Also I can't run the ST6 because I'm on W10.

How can I solve this issue? :/


Thanks in advance


Re: ST7 - Download

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Couple of ways to work around this. 


Register and download for the free ST8 Student Edition.  Extract and save the license provided with this install.  Then ask your university to provide you with a copy of the ST7 install media.  Install ST7 then drop in the extracted ST8 license.


Or you can ask your school to provide you with copy of the ST7 install media and to share with you their academic code.


Either way, this will require your university to provide you with a copy of the Solid Edge ST7 install media.  The school is allowed to both copy the install media and to provide you with their academic code for your use.

Re: ST7 - Download


It's the SELicence.dat file? I extracted that, installed the ST7 version and when I put that file it says that it's altered and that it's different from the one on the "Preferences" folder. :/. Flex error 8,xxx something.