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ST7 Hole Database

I have just installed ST7 with my home licence and am feeling my way around.

My first stumbling block is the Hole database.

I have numerous non standard metric and imperial threads in my old holes.txt file which I want to use, however I cant seem to find how.

I have tried using help but it comes up with some server error.

I have 2 questions for the clever people out there.

Firstly is there a way to use the old holes.txt file?

If not has Siemens provided a method to import the old holes.txt file into the new Excel database?

Should the answer to both these questions be no, my next question is what the heck were Siemens thinking? I thought new versions were meant to make life easier not harder.

Hopefully I have been blinded by frustration and the answer is right in front of me.




Re: ST7 Hole Database

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There is an old database converter in this folder:


C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Custom\HoleDatabaseConverter\bin


I have used it only few time during the beta testing, but when installed the production ST7 I have decided to manually edit the database (I had to do only small changes to it)



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: ST7 Hole Database

Hello Geoff,


Look for the HoleDatabaseConverter in the custom folder. Please see the screenshot below. This should help with your problem.




Re: ST7 Hole Database

Thanks guys. Knew it would be easy and right in front of me.