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ST7 - Multiple dimension abort if SHIFT key is pressed


Dimension tool have now this new capability to place "2 point dimension" instead of "Horizontal \ Vertical" if the SHIFT key is pressed.


This is great but if you start to create a group of dimensions and you press the SHIFT key after the first of this dimensions group is placed it cause and abort with the message "Dimension cannot be place".


Of course it cannot be placed a "2 point" dimension in an "Horizzontal \ vertical" dimension group, but Solid Edge should ignore it and let me continue the dimensioning placing.


Why I would press the SHIFT key while placing a dimensions group ? Simple, I do often Zomm In\Out and Pan by pressing CTRL and CTRL + SHIFT to better pick dimension points.


Now this is not anymore possibile cause CTRL +SHIFT stops the fun.


See the video: