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ST7 - Urgent

Yesterday I could download ST7 and I have got the license for ST7 by mail.

Today, I can only download up to ST6. I have checked current licenses on GTAC. There it sais I have only license for ST6. I have called the Norwegian VAR and they don`t know what has happen. They said that this is handled by Siemens.

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Re: ST7 - Urgent

Although the code is finished and tested, we are still posting software and license files. Just give it a couple days and it will all be sorted out. Thanks for being so enthusiastic.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: ST7 - Urgent

Thank you Dan for quick reply.

Best regards,
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Re: ST7 - Urgent

Can somebody post a link to the downloads. I have been able to find the downloads in general but not ST7. Once past that will need to beat up the reseller to give me a license file.

Will it work for 30 days without a license file?

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: ST7 - Urgent

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EDIT:  It looks like they are having server synch issues (they use multiple download mirrors) as now it isn't showing ST7 anymore...


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Re: ST7 - Urgent

Hi Dan,

I tried to download Solid Edge free 2D SOFTWARE ST7 

After downloading for a while it stops.

I am unable to get this software. Please suggest a way out.

Ray Menon