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ST7 paper space


Im having issues with the paper space in ST7. I created a template for my company in ST6 that had the border and title blocks done in sizes A, B, C, and D. To switch the size format I wanted to use I just went to  the sheet setup menu and selected my desired size. 

Now when I do that, now no matter what size of sheet I select, the b size border and title block appear. So if I select an size paper, I get an A size paper with a B size border and title block. Can anyone tell me what is going on? 

Side note -> If I turn the background display on, all of my A,B , C ,and D size borders and title blocks still exist. 

I have attached screen shots of the results of different paper sizes. 


Re: ST7 paper space


When choosing a different background, (Right-click on sheet tab, select Sheet Setup,) you still need to ensure that the sheet size matches the background you selected. Go to the size tab and adjust the sheet size there. See the picture below. When you click Save Defaults on this tab, this now becomes the default size and background that is inserted any time you right-click the tabs and select 'Insert Sheet'




-Dylan Gondyke