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So my university already has ST7 installed on its lab computers, but when I try to re-register and get an upgrade on my own laptop it still installs ST6. Is ST7 going to be available for my own computer soon? And is there a way I can have ST6 on my own computer open ST7 files from my school's computers in the meantime?


Re: ST7

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


ST7 on your Uni's computers is awesome,...but I wouldn't expect it to be available as a freely available Student Edition download anytime soon. Esecially as it has only just been commercially released.


Unfortunately, you cannot directly read ST7 files in ST6, not even in the commercial version.

You'll have to export ST7 files to a Parasolid format [3D models - Part, Sheet metal, Assembly] to acieve this....and draft files will be useless as exported data.

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