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ST8 Best Computer Specs


Hi Everyone,


We are about to upgrade our system to a new computer to run Solid Edge ST8. Hypothetically, if money was not an issue, what computer would you buy to run solid edge? Ideally we would design new parts and assemblies with all the video settings to the max. I have seen other systems (maybe not solid ege, don't remember) that you can see an "always on" rendered views while you work, like reflections of the metal, shadows, etc. I know that money will come to play but I want to present the ideal best as the top range.


Any information will help.




Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


What are the system specs you have now?....what sort of work do you do??....where geographically are you located???...are you looking for proprietary systems like HP, Dell etc,..... or fully customised grunters, such as those from BOXX???


Basically you want the fastest CPU clock speed you can [good cooling is extremely important], RAM ammount suitable to comfortably encompass all off the work you do, definately solid state drive[s], even going to the extent of a pair in RAID-0....and absolutely a Quadro graphics card, any of them from the K2200 to the K5200 I think would be ample. Something I also like to do on systems I've built, is offload network activity from loading the CPU with onboard controllers, to a PCIe ethernet adaptor. [look at the BOXX configurator for APEXX-2-2401]

[actually I think a lot of this stuff sounds similar to @12GAGE's system...perhaps he can chime in with his experience on his unit]


Again, it depends on the work you do.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge 2019 [MP4] Classic [x3 Seats - Cloud Enabled]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs


Hi Sean,


Thanks for your quick response, unfortunately I was out of the office all this time until now. The system that we are replacing is a Dell Precision 690 bought back in 2006, I know is a little old but we have done a few upgrades and stills good, at least for other non cad applications. It has a Intel Xeon 3.73 Ghz Dual Core 64-bit processor, 16-gb of RAM, 1TB SSD and an NVidia Quadro FX4500 (512 MB). We tried to look for a video card upgrade but nothing seems to be compatible with that older technology. So I have the approval to start looking for a new system. We do plastic products design and development using Solid Edge with some ocassional renderings and animations to present to customers. Also, we do some FEA Femap analysis depending on the product. We are located in central Florida and we would like to buy a proprietary system again. I know that a fully customized system will be better or cheaper but our company prefers the warranty in a branded box.


Again, I am trying to present a range of options to management. So I wanted to show from a very basic system that may last a few years to a great workstation that may last another 9-10 years. So, if "money is not a problem" what that system would be.


Thanks again for your help and great information.

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

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Honored Contributor

I went with a Boxx. it's about 20 times faster then a Dell T3600 that it replaced. Best computer I have ever used.



4.5 Ghz, dual core

32 gigs ram

Raid-0 W/ two Extream performance SS drives + 1 TB of 7200 spinner

Nvidia K4200

Dual 24" monitors


I worked with

Rich Petit

(512) 852-3310


At Boxx





Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs


Thanks Sean and 12GAGE,


I knew the offerings from Dell and HP in the workstations market but I didn't know about BOXX. They have a very impresive website with all sort of options, and the machines don't look bad at all. So this is what I did, I setup a list of specifications and configure the system in all three companies (Dell, HP and BOXX) as close as possible. Here is the specs.


  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 (10C, 3.1GHz, 25M, HT, 160W)
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • Nvidia Quadro K5200 8GB
  • 64GB (8x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4
  • 512GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

I always thought that Dell was expensive, I guess not on this arena. The Dell Precision T7910 came up at $7,300, the HP Z840 came up at $8,600 and the BOXX APEXX 4 7601 came up at $8,800. The previous system back in 2006 costed about $6,000 so maybe one of these could be approved. I am looking for a system to last many years. The previous system lasted 9 yrs so I am assuming the expectations are to last about the same.


Do you guys see any problems or preferences between these?


Thanks for your help.

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I went with a Boxx APEXX 2. Was about  $4K and was faster than a similar machine from HP or dell over $8K. Dell and HP do not offer overclocked machines

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

My 2 cents...  Processor and disk speed is typically the botleneck.  A fast I7 and a reasonably sized SSD for the OS/Apps are top choices to improve this.  Memory, graphics and other such items don't make any sense to go overkill on.

A mid range Nvidia card like the K1200 or K2200 are more than enough for most folks.  16 GB is more than enough memory for most folks (Heavy FEA may change this).


In my opinion, the falacy of going overkill on a machine hoping it will last 9 years is that as the software evolves, it becomes dependent on the evolution of the hardware that runs it, so as ST9, ST10, ST11, etc... are released they will demand much more from the CPU (and possible the GPU, memory bus, and all the other hings you are stuck with).  Your 9 year old CPU and GPU are only going to be 17% as fast as one that is new, and ST 17 is going to crawl on it.


Point is, spend a 3rd of what you would spend on an overkill machine, replace every 3 years, and you will have a machine in 9 years that is at least 4 times faster than what you started with on year 1 and you won't have any compatability problems with OS or other apps that have also evolved in that period of time.



Production: SE 2019 MP4, Testing: SE 2020

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



We purchased a couple of machines from @Xi a few years ago and have been very happy with them.  Both machines have overclocked i7 processors and 16 gigs of ram with Quadro 2000 video cards.  The cost was very reasonable and much less than Dell, HP or Boxx.  The one thing I will change when ordering my next machine will be a solid state drive.  They were pretty expensive a few years ago but are becoming more cost effective.  



Kyle Joiner
ST10 MP1

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

In general, the last few posts are correct. However, For the vid card, The K4200 was the point of diminishing returns. Each step up from 2000 to the 4200 were less then $100 each step up. Small price to make sure no video load is put off on the CPU because that is the real bottleneck. Past the 4200 is definitely not worth it because the cards get expensive and in 3 years can be upgraded if you power supply has enough juice. Make sure you have at least a 650 power supply if not 750 so that future vic cards and ram are not limited by power.

Re: ST8 Best Computer Specs


Hi Grundey,


I just came from discussing some preliminary options with managment. It is funny that they suggested the same thing you said. They prefer to spend less and buy another system in 4-5 yrs instead of the 9 yrs this time. However, the way you explained makes much more sense. I guess that was the issue with the current system and not been able to upgrade the video card, even when everything else on that system still great.


Thanks for that great analysis.