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I am finding often that I have to click on command buttons or elements several times before they will initiate or execute the command.  This is particularly the case in the sketching environment (ordered).  For example I click on the Toggle Construction button then click o a line to change it to construction.  Sometimes I have to click on the line several times before it changes to construction.  Other times I will click on a line and it changes, but then have to click the next line several times before it changes.  This is just an example and can be quite random.  Anybody else see anything like this?


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Hi @chrisstandring,


Yes, we see this occur sporadically too.....seems to me to be a focus issue, as when you zoom in a little closer to that element, the selection functions as expected.

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I've been seeing that as well...

Bruce Shand
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Finally !!


I'm not the only one.Smiley Happy

BTW I'm on ST6 and have the same issue

And have seen the same behaviour when I was working at a client who did work with ST7.

And they did say I needed a checkup - Great I will send them a link as proof...

Dirk Rutten

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Some releases ago Solid Edge changed the way that it got the mouse clicks.

The result is that if you click in a point and you move the mouse and for some reason Solid Edge is busy doing\thinking somethig the click is gathered not where originally done but where the mouse is when Solid Edge is ready to get the click coordinates.


The result is that in some situations Solid Edge thinks you are clicking on nothing.


There is a long tread and even an IR openend by me arguing about this new behaviour during the relationship placement and face clicks.


I'm get used now to this new click behaviour (still not happy with it) and live with it.


So, always remember to not move the mouse when you click until Solid Edge aquire your click.



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I've found it better if I select the element first, then click toggle to construction. Doing it this way works every time for me, plus I can select multiple elements and change them all at the same time.

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I'm "glad" I'm not the only one!  Another real pain is when I am drawing lines in a sketch.  I click on a keypoint in some geometry to start or finish a line and the fuggin thing isn't connected!  The only way around it is to pause for a good long while before clicking.  Having the cursor change to indicate the keypoint selection is no guarantee that the keypoint will actually be selected before starting or completing the line.  Quite "irritating" and after a while the cause of much "computer language".  BTW this has been around since V18 (SP5 if I recall correctly).

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I'm on ST7, ordered sheet metal sketches have the same issues. I also have the same in consistent selection when drafting hole tables and selecting the holes. It happens just enough to not change habit's to check if it was selected, but enough to be miffed when it does. Say 4% of the time.