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ST8- Problems with new Live Rules Quick View


 The new 'intelligent' Design intent quick pick list for live rules is great- but I am getting serious lag trying to box select features on parts. The list disappears and then regenerates every time, and there is a significant pause. Possibly silly question, but is there a way to disable this and just drop back to the old live rules bottom bar that didn't cause lag?


Another big problem is that the box comes up immediately upon the click-and-hold action of a mouse, and appears to the lower right of the cursor position, AND you can't drag a selection box through it! So, when I try to box select features on my part, I click down and drag, but the new design intent box appears immediately if I started the box select anywhere but outside of my part. This means you have to plan where you are starting your box select, or you'll run into the design intent window! I'm stuck in a "box select down and right" mindset, and this screws me up EVERY TIME. The partial solution here is to pin the box somewhere on the screen, but I really think you should be able to drag through this window.



-Dylan Gondyke

Re: ST8- Problems with new Live Rules Quick View

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



There is no way what you want to do. I've already got this question from my customers many times...

You have to move "IDI" to screen side and lock it with pin...