ST8 Rumors

I'm just curious if there are any rumors out there about what we might see coming with ST8?


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I have not heard of any yet...


But it's always good to have a thread going to start keeping track of such things.


It's a bit early I think...  Usually Dan will drop some hints but's its closer to the release date.

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I was just wondering that myself recently. I finally have time to dig into rolling out ST7. Updating all the templates, material table, holes, etc. that have changed make it a whopper of a rollout. By the time I'm done, ST8 may be here. It would be convenient to know a bit about ST8 so I can plan to rollout ST7 in a suitable direction.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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Any tidbits to throw our way yet in regards to Solid Edge ST8? Smiley Wink

-Seth M. Holmes

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I got a customer service call from Siemens yesterday, while I had them on the phone I asked if there was any ST8 news that she could share with me. Answer: No....


I haven't heard even as much as a juicy rumor.



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Well, I hope it's better received than Windows 8 was? Smiley Happy

Bruce Shand
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If it means anything, I'll start showing some enhancements from ST8 in less than 2 weeks. There have already been a few leaks here on the forum, though (not from me). Authorized or not, I can't say, but there have been a few.

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Put it this way.  There are at least two questions posted in this forum from the last two weeks that are specifically addressed in ST8.   Can't say which ones though....yet.



Kevin Grayson
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Kevin you're such a tease! 


Hey when are you going to make your Presentation from Florida event using ST7 and Surface Pro 3 available here on this community?  It was one of the best demo's I've ever seen for Solid Edge.... seriously.


It is one the most compelling reasons for not only using Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge, but doing it on a SP3...



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Is this different from the gas tank demo that was posted a few days ago as a blog, and shown at the Boston usergroup meeting yesterday?

-Dylan Gondyke