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ST8-Save As Flat

Oh~ No~~~


It was a big deal.

It produced a flat Pattern Save As flat as a dxf function.



The picture on the screen is solid edge..


The figure below is an illustration Open from autocad...

Etch some features have been removed...


Bigger problem is wrong every time you use the Save As Flat function.

It is urgent.
Is there anyone solved this way?


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Have you turned on the ETCH Export in the Options Dialog?



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It is checked.


Attach one file.
Try Save As Flat...

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For me it worked perfect.


I have attached a PDF that includes some more details and the exported DXF.


Maybe you check the import in Autocad because the ETCHEs have there own layer and thae layer is ingnored in the import process or the layer is hidden by default.



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Is it only me or are does it bother other people:


I also think this kind of things aren't any good for further workflow, such as, save flat.

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I don't know where the problem is!?


This Icon shows that the sketch is underconstrained and need additional dimensions or relationships. You can turn this On or Off in the Option menu


The other icon shows that there is a problem in the sketch and as far as I can see is that there are some relationship missing to other edges. Maybe from the upper assembly

The blue profiles are OK and the brown one are missing there link to the edges.


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Hi Kenshin81, It does look like you have uncovered some type of anomaly in the save as flat DXF operation. I would suggest that you open an IR with GTAC. The only work around that I found was to create a Draft using the flat pattern, and export the draft as DXF. This path seem to work just fine.

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South Korea reported through the channel.


But not minutes.
Something is there another way?

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Stefan Mitsh..


The sketch is only a sketch.
Do you think it gave the effect?