ST8 Thread feature not working



I'm using SE ST8 (Student) on Windows7. When I try to create a thread, I get the following error message:


"The selected thread does not have a thread family identifier. It is required for automatic thread updating. Add an appropriate thread family identifier in the holes database." 


The contents of the .xslx files in the Holes folder seem fine, and the location is set correctly in the Solid Edge Preferences.


I'd very much appreciate any hints on how to resolve this issue.


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Re: ST8 Thread feature not working

How about recording a video of what you ae atempting to do?  Using the Thread feature or the Hole feature?


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: ST8 Thread feature not working

The most common problem with threads are the external diameter of tubes/pipes.


The OD of any pipe or tube must match exactly to SE data base to add threads to the outside.


I printed out the SE files that list the OD's required so that when I model something I want external threads on, I use the correct diameter.

Re: ST8 Thread feature not working

@12GAGE That's an interesting issue. I know within NX when you applied an thread you had to be careful on how the "pipe" was created. If the pipe was created with a sketch (circle) then extruded I believe you got a message that said that the thread could not be applied because it had conflicting dimensions. See the sketch was the parent dimension and the thread feature wants to take control of that face (the entire face) and resizes to appropriate dimensions. We got around such issues by using a primative solid, a cylinder as the base feature and then apply the thread to the section of the face or we would create a secondary "boss" length of pipe and apply the thread to that.


In ST9 you can do the same by creating your main section of pipe using the Cylider feature and then add a second cylinder feature the same diameter and the length of thread you need. When applying the thread feature ST9 will appear to grab the combined cylinder face but will only apply the thread to the smaller portion.

Give it try and let me know if this works for you.

Re: ST8 Thread feature not working

I don't have time for testing right now. but I believe Sync is more forgiving than Ordered. I work completely in ordered.


Also, it's not really problem for me because when I'm making parts with external thread, I could care less what diameter I use as long as I can get the thread in place. So I just use the diameter that SE wants. That is easier than any additional procedures to make the mark or take a measurement of the part and trying to use that.


I was just trying to help another find what the cause of problems was for making threads.

Re: ST8 Thread feature not working

External threads read two different values depending on the type of thread:

1. Standard thread uses the Nominal Diameter value

2. Pipe and tapered uses Outside pipe diameter value