ST8 analysis - load by acceleration [mm/s^2]



I need your advise about the Study Analysis. 

In my bachelor thesis I have to make analasis for seismic strenght. This include load the whole part (in centre of gravity) with acceleration [mm/s^2] in 3 direction (x,y,z). 
I tried to do with the "gravity load" but it could be just in one direction and then the option of gravity load is out (grey color - It cannot be use again).
And my question is If it's possible to do it that way or is there other way to do it or SE cannot make this analysis.

Can you help me?
Thank you.

PS: In the last option that SE cannot do this analysis can you please recommend another software which can do it?


Re: ST8 analysis - load by acceleration [mm/s^2]

Wouldn't all three acceleration axis be able to be calculated into just one aceleration vector and then applied as a single load in Simulation?


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Re: ST8 analysis - load by acceleration [mm/s^2]

No, It has to be three axis for three other direction. Otherwise, It's not possible to do basic seismic simulation.

Re: ST8 analysis - load by acceleration [mm/s^2]


I think this might help you.

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