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In ST8 is it possible for the default setting for keypoint selection to be "ALL" instead of "Centre and End Point?


Or have I been missing a setting somewhere to make this the default...?


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Hi G,


Good point.


My preference would be for these 3 active: end point, midpoint and center.

A setting in the Options dialog would be best.

Also another setting would be welcome - whether to terminate a command after completion or continue with the last command, so that user doesn't need to press Esc or Select.


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It could be good too, if Solid Edge remembers the last keypoint selection.



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@Tushar I would agree with those as the defaults. Midpoint is the one I use the most.

The less amount of mouse clicks the better Smiley Happy

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ST8? Already a beta release?

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Yes. ST8 is in Beta, but most people who are using it can't comment yet.