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ST8 cut

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I would like to know if there is a way to execute the cut command from a sketch leaving certain distance from the face/plane in which the sketch is drawn.


For example, in the case, I would like to leave 6mm distance between the sketch on the outer front wall and the starting of the cut, but I am making the sketch on the outer front wall itself. (And not creating a plane 6mm parallel to the front wall).


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Re: ST8 cut

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Hi AmanRa,


I see you are using ordered environment. To do so, select "Cut- From/To Extent" from the cut options toolbar.



With it, you first have to select the face where the cut starts and then select the face where the cut will extent to.


EDIT: This trick works only if you want to start the cut from a certain face of your object. If you want the cut to start inside a solid, then I don't know if it is possible to do without creating an extra plane in ordered environment.

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Re: ST8 cut

In the cut command bar, under the extent group there's an option for From/To - you probably already use the finite & through all options.


The From/To will let you pick faces or planes for the start and end of the cut, and also let you offset from those. The faces dont have to be perpendicular to the cut either.

Re: ST8 cut


For example, look here, I have drawn a sketch on the yello face. Now I want to cut the solid leaving 6mm from the yello face, but using the same sketch.


I've tried it the way you mentioned by using to and from but I am unable to do it. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Anyway thanks for your help.


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Re: ST8 cut

You have 'Finite' extent selected, not From/To - check the icon highlighted in @Teemus screen shot

Re: ST8 cut

Thank you so much! It worked!


I was making mistake while choosing the < to > option.


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Re: ST8 cut

Yeah, now I got it. Thanks @Alex_H