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ST8 installation - problems


Hello -- I'm a new user who just discovered Solid Edge. Today I downloaded the free copy of 2D via ST8.

I'm using Windows 7 Pro SP1 on an HP laptop.

However running the downloaded ST8 .exe file has gone very poorly.

  1. The stage of unzipping files appears to have gone ok, but it was done more than once. Has that generated junk files which should be cleaned up?
  2. At the screen created by Install Wizard, the program hung up more than once. On the last install attempt, I let all default values stand (I would have preferred to install ISO Metric rather than ANSI inch, but that appeared to cause problems) and the install ran at least part way.
  3. At the stage where shortcuts were being created, it ran for a long time and the program itself reported that installation had become non-responsive. I selected Try Again, but it never completed. I had to use Task Manager to close the sessions.
  4. There was a screen asking about Keyshot 5 and a license. I don't know what Keyshot is (and a search on this board for the word Keyshot gave no results). Is that actually a part of Solid Edge?
  5. The only program name including Solid Edge has to do with Data Migration, which I would not need (I'm a newbie to CAD and don't have anything to bring over into this software).

What's my best shot here? Uninstall and/or do a Windows Restore Point to get back to where I was yesterday?





Re: ST8 installation - problems

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Siemens Experimenter


I work in Solid Edge Support, and was asked to contact you. Please call me at 800-955-0000, option 3, then reference IR#7463749. If I don't answer, please leave a voicemail with your name, IR#, and telephone number.