ST8 is terrible......

If you thought ST7 was bad, which it was!!! Some of the same issues that were in ST7 that took Siemans 7 MP's to fix are back so now we have to wait for MP1 to fix the issues that you would have thought would not have been carried over from ST7 were carried over!  NIce job!!!


Did they Beta test this?  I don't think so.


This is the exact reason they are starting to lose schools, they are going to Solidworks!


Siemans sucks, if you don't have 1000 seats they don't listen to you!


ST8 is worse that ST7!!!  If these progmers worked for me they would be unemployed!


Re: ST8 is terrible......

It sounds like your problem has been identified and is about to be fixed, and you're here to vent a little. Can you talk about why you say "st8 is terrible"? I get notices on the state of the software, and MP1 has had a couple bumps in testing, but it's on the way.


I've lived on the other side of the fence, and believe me, the quality problems over there are FAR worse. We used to measure some bugs life in decades, in that software.


Complex software is sometimes difficult to manage. Solid Edge is rigorously tested, and people generally do a great job of getting it right. When you think about how much functionality is in this software, its really amazing how often they do get it right. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience, but we're doing what we can to get it right.

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Re: ST8 is terrible......

There is a very rigorous beta program in which i have participated multiple times in the past so I can attest 1st hand.


There was also an open call to Beta ST8.


If there were specific issues you were concerned with, that would have been a great opportunity to address them.

Re: ST8 is terrible......

It's your first first post and all you do is rant at how bad Solid Edge is without any specific issue or problem.

Your profile says you registered in 2013, so have been lurking here for 2 years. In that time, you should have come to realize that this community will work tirelessly to help you overcome any issues you come across in the software.

Rather than just **bleep**, how about stateing something specific. By doing so, you not only help yourself by finding an immediate solution or workaround to your problem, but you also bring light to an issue to hopefully escalate a fix if necessary thereby helping other Solid Edge users as well.

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Re: ST8 is terrible......

What are the issues in ST8 you are referring to that were fixed in ST7?


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Re: ST8 is terrible......

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I am happy with SE but feel sometimes the same.


When using SE there are several things that come by I don't understand can go to a release.


A thing I can remember, the cone/cone connect that disappeared. (fixed)


Something other, the need to hold the mouse 100% on its place while clicking came by a version or 5 (?) ago (still not fixed and not recognized/accepted). This is a major problem when you use a (wacom) tablet to draw.


And euh, we have 3 seats but I can assure you Siemens does listen.


There is a beta programm but not as good as the program of AutoCAD. there you can install even the alphe side-by-side with the released version. Till that I can't participate with the beta of SE.


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Re: ST8 is terrible......

"Solid Edge is doing vigorous testing"...really?  Here is how they do releases.....

"While they do have people come “Beta Test” for them and help find bugs before release, they are rarely doing true “production” work and see the issues most experience in the real application.


Once this is done they determine their release by finding the mean time aborts (MTA’s).  MTA’s are how often per man hour of continuous work in SE that Solid Edge crashes or experiences major bugs. They will not release the software until the MTA’s are greater than 80 man hours.  So in other words they test for 80 hours and they will not release if there is a crash inside of 80 hours.


Now what this doesn’t take into account is the small bugs you find during your production work.  That is what they release the MP’s for – to fix bugs users have found during their production work. "


They do no production testing  and I don't know of many people, if any, that don't use Solid Edge in a production enviorment. So tell me again how they vigorously test it??  They depend on the end user to do their testing for them and send out service packs, which on ST7 I believe there was 8 total, and then address the issues and if they don't see it as a problem then it may come out as an "enhancement"  in the next version, what a joke.  Fixing a problem with software is an enhancement....hmmmm...... I'd get fired if I told my boss that if there was a problem where I work, "Listen, it isn't a problem, the customer just doesn't deserve it to work right for them so lets have them send it back we will fix it, and charge them and call it an enhancement"....really??  I don't buy it.

Re: ST8 is terrible......

Swertel, I have 8 videos with my specifics, would you like to see them after working with Solid edge for 2 weeks?  These are only the ones I did the video for, which include and angle dimension issue, several dimensioning issues, holes not showing up in assemblies issues, missing holes that are in the tree but don't show up in the model, fillet weld issue text issues, and the list goes on.......


I have been using solid edge for 7 years and it was so bad the company who sold ST6 to us came in all and documented some and I say some of the issues and out of all of them they decided to address only 22 of then and I say only 22 because there were 63 issues and this is in normal production enviorment. 


So you can stop with the this is your first post crap.  I will go toe to toe with anyone on here about this software and how bad it is.  I don't post because I have work to do and I find work arounds a ot faster than Siemans can get me an answer about the problem.  If I posted every problem I would never get any work done which is why I never posted anything until now and also to avoid trolls like you who say "oh this is your first post, just a whinny one"....Nice try, I'm not impressed.

Re: ST8 is terrible......

and about the lerking, this is the first time I have ever logged into here and read or posted anything.  I have not read one post or looked for help, so lerking is not what I do, if I have something to say I say it, where do you come from?

Re: ST8 is terrible......

Yes. I'd love to take a look at those videos. They would be beneficial in learning what the problem is and possibly help others avoid the same pitfall.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.