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ST8 vs ST3


I have a client that uses ST3, and I understand that you can no longer purchase this.  If I purchase the latest version will I be able to open and alter files in ST8 that were originally made/saved in ST3?  When I save these files or create new ones in ST8, can I save them in such a way that they can be opened and altered in ST3?


Re: ST8 vs ST3

ST8 is the most current release.  ST3 is no longer supported in any way.

BUT, I do belive that if you purchase Solid Edge you could choose to install ST3.

-Someone at your VAR or GTAC will have to confirm this for you...


ST8 will open ST3 files with no issue and you have 100% associativity.


once opened in ST8 anthing you save out can no longer be opened in ST3 Natively.


You can however save out as a traslated file type that ST3 could open... you'd have to down rev the parasolid format or step format to which ever version was supported at ST3.  The file will open in ST3 but have no assocaitivity.  it will essentially be a "dumb solid"  based on your geometry and use of Sync this may not be an issue..  but i would never suggest working with differt versions...


I think your best bet is to Buy SE, install ST3 as needed to support this customer then upgrade to ST8 ASAP.  and or tell yoru customer based on feature improvemtnes X,Y &Z it is benifitial for all parties up move to ST8  or at least ST7... which is still supported!


Re: ST8 vs ST3

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I might hold at ST7 until the first service pack for ST8 comes out.



Kyle Joiner
ST10 MP1

Re: ST8 vs ST3



Re: ST8 vs ST3


At some point the license scheme changed and it was not anymore backward compatible. So it is true that with an ST8 license you can run ST7 , ST6, ST5 but I'm not sure if it can run ST3.

From my memory the change happened from ST3 to ST4 so it could not work.

Re: ST8 vs ST3

Solution Partner Legend Solution Partner Legend
Solution Partner Legend

You can ask SIEMESN for a ST3 license! They will provide it to you!



Re: ST8 vs ST3

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Gears Esteemed Contributor




if You are under maintenance then You should be able to download the license for ST3 directly as well as the software itself.




regards Wolfgang