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ST9 GTX 10xx



in my company we use Solid Edge ST9. I have a lot work in home and i install it on my private computer.

My specification is:



GTX 1060


I heard that Solid Edge doesn't support gamings card. Is it a truth? 

Is there any options to use my GTX 1060 with ST9 and how to do this? How to optimize ST9 to my configuration?


I will be very grateful for help.


Re: ST9 GTX 10xx

Have you installed it?  And is it up and running?  It is true that Siemens doesn't officially support the use of gaming cards with Solid Edge.  For Siemens to do that would be a task of biblical proportions.  So instead they concentrate on some selected workstation cards that are specifically designed for 3D CAD.  However some gaming cards will work surprisingly well with Solid Edge.  As far as options go - just run the thing already!  If it works it works and if it doesn't it doesn't - although I bet there is at least a 99% chance it will run just fine with the gaming card you have.  There won't be any specific optimisation for SE in the card's control panel but you can do a bit of tweaking in SE.  Go to Solid Edge Options View tab.  In there probably the most important option to tweak if you have problems would be the Application Display where you can choose between various graphics card driven and software driven options.

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Re: ST9 GTX 10xx

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Hi there @mmstingrayeb,


While not technically "supported" by Siemens, for the most part, they do work.......on the occasions they don't, there is sometimes an easy way forward, but sometimes not. It also sometimes depends on other system software, Solid Edge makes use of Microsoft Office for many system functions, not just for user tools, so this is often overlooked when someone has a problem.

The drivers for the 1060 card are nVidia's care, and are designed with a certain market in mind, and they collaborate with vendors in those market.....and likewise, the Quadro series. [including the AMD FirePro line]


I guess the short answer is, if you load SE, and it runs, GREAT, but when you get graphics issues, that are not able to be tuned out to lesser issues, by way of the user settings in both the card & Solid Edge Options, then you're not going have any joy.



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Re: ST9 GTX 10xx

It'll be fine*. I've tested on a much older i7 processor and a GTX970 - no probs.


*well I can't 100% guarantee of course!

Re: ST9 GTX 10xx

Thank you all for help! It is working smooth now Smiley Wink