ST9 MP3 Performance shocking



We recently moved to ST9 on new Dell workstations (T5810) and are finding performance has taken a huge jump backwards.


It seems like ST5 on 6 yr old systems were more responsive.   We have also experienced graphics issues with the siemens certified drivers displaying chequered boards on the new hardware running M4000 Quadro 8Gb Gram and 32 Gb system ecc ram on SSD local storage.


We practice large assembly workflows using simplified assy and zones as well as minimizing all inter part links.  10 users accessing single file server disk storage. 


Can anyone share their experience of taming ST9 or is there any know issues or incompatabilities that hit performance running on Win 7 Pro 64bit SP1.....


Symptoms are single drawing view of GA on single sheet take 10min to update a high quality view.  The top level model is only 1.4Gb in size at 1500 parts.  This is not large at all......


WIN 7Pro 64bit
DELL T5810 3.7-4Ghz 32Gb ECC

Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

Was it better with MP2?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

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Not working with ST9, currently working on ST8 but we had the same graphic problem.


This was the reaction from our support about the graphic problem.

(Long story short, stop using the certified drivers they are outdated and Siemens does not update it. Nvidia has some random bots or humans acting like that when contacting them. Just download the latest and problems are mostlikely solved, it did for ST8.



  1.  Only complete system - graphics combinations configured by the vendor are certified.
  2.  Intel 3000/4000 are Solid Edge only
  3.   Intel P4600 is the first Intel graphics certified for NX (See caveats)
  4.  AMD A300/320 CPU/GPU chips are only supported by Solid Edge
  5.  Server based graphics are only certified when  based on workstation graphics and utilize an exisiting certified driver
  6.  (*) The NVIDIA "M" (mobile) graphics are also used in the HP Z1, Z1 G2, and Z1 G3 workstations.
  7.  Intel P5000 is certified for Solid Edge only.
  8.  NVIDIA Tesla graphics only supported in GRID 2.0 Virtual Workstation environments.
  9. AMD FirePro S7xxx requires guest OS Driver: 15.20.1041.1004, and currently only supports vSphere  ESXi 6.0 hosting Win7 or Win8.1. Win10 is not supported.




The following suggestions may assist in troubleshooting and resolving graphics issues for NX, in particular, but could be applied to all graphical applications from Siemens PLM Software.  


Graphics Driver Update Strategy:

- Do not update to newer drivers unless you have issues or you require some capability not present in your current driver.  Other applications, or newer graphics hardware may also require a newer driver, it which case you should update to the latest available.


Updating Graphics Drivers

- When updating due to a graphics issue, first try the certfied driver for your system.  If that fails, use the latest driver listed at the end of the certification table.  Finally, go to the graphics vendor site and try the latest published driver, which could be newer since they update frequently.  The graphics vendors only support the latest drivers, so the problem must be exhibited on the latest published driver.

- When updating, remove the driver and reboot to ensure it clears out the registry before installing a newer driver.


Is the Problem Driver Related?

- To determine whether a graphics problem is a driver issue, the first step is to disable the driver and run the software . If the problem goes away, then that indicates the problem is most likely a driver issue.  If the problem remains, it is something else causing the problem.  (See below)  Please note that graphics performance will be very slow with a disabled driver because everything is being done with CPU software.

- The driver can be disabled in Device Manager by right clicking on the graphics adapter and selecting "Disable". You need admin priviledges to disable the driver.



- Sometimes, a wireless mouse has caused issues. When troubleshooting, it is best to remove all mice and special vendor drivers and utilize a basic USB mouse and the Microsoft HID driver.


SpaceMouse and NX

- The SpaceMouse (SpaceBall) from 3Dconexxion is frequently updated for newer versions of NX. If you are upgrading to a new version of NX, it is recommended to remove the current SpaceMouse driver and install the latest, which can be downloaded from


Application/Environment  Issues

- Application or OS settings, hardware problems, corrupted installs, interference from other software, and software bugs could be responsible for graphical and operation issues.  In those cases it is best to contact GTAC and provide as much information as you can regarding your hardware and operating environment.  In addition, NX and Teamcenter syslogs, part files, mini-dumps , a movie capturing the problem, and steps used to reproduce the problem will be invaluable in determining the cause and providing resolution.



Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

Symptoms are single drawing view of GA on single sheet take 10min to update a high quality view. 

Is it just Drafting or other areas as well that are slow?

Drafting performance should be better than before with the amount of ram you have.

There is a new option in General tab. "Enable multi-core drawing view processing"

Test it on and off.


The checkering in the 3D window I have seen but it is a driver problem.

I wouldn't rule out Anti-virus software either. I have seen that have a huge impact on performance.




Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

No the same we installed at MP2 and I recently patched to MP3 as we were seeing half the ribbon bar grey out when trying to create simplified assemblies.....I dont understand how a clean install on new hardware can produce such poor results instantly.

I have also excluded AV from Solid Edge install folder.
WIN 7Pro 64bit
DELL T5810 3.7-4Ghz 32Gb ECC

Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

Thanks Jason I believe we have that options turned on because when we update and watch the CPU utilization 4 physical and 4 logical cores max out at 100% utilization for 4-5 min. I know about the bad batch of Nvidia drv but this is why you choose the certified drv from the Siemens matrix right? And this is the whole point of buying a slower system in the hope of gaining stability under the certification umbrella. Our IT guy just says the CAD software is to blame for poor performance.
WIN 7Pro 64bit
DELL T5810 3.7-4Ghz 32Gb ECC

Re: ST9 MP3 Performance shocking

I keep on buying Norton Securuty and always do exclude from AV CAD data file extensions for SE and SW and whole other custom directories of CAD settings not in typical Program Files or Windows locations.

Milan Wendl, MEngSc,P.Eng.

AAA Engineering, Canada

Milan Wendl, MEngSc, P.Eng.
AAA Engineering, Canada
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