ST9 - Using a kinect as a 3D scanner

 Is it possible to use a x-box kinect to scan a part and bring it into solid edge? If there is a way is there an outside software that would need to be used?

Thank you in advance!


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There is this very intresting DIY project at this page


The result will be an STL that Solid Edge it is already capable to import and with the upcoming ST10 release will be able to edit too.

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You may be better off asking on an Xbox forum on how to do the scanning and what file types can be saved out to.   Look to see which file types SE can open and use those 2 bit of info together to achieve your end goal.


I dont know 1st hand but I bet you can achieve this with the right steps


plethora of hits here:


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This process seem to be more popular than I thought I may start looking for aKinect myself.

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Reverse engineering is a huge can of worms.

no single software does everything needed.


The most direct method of using point clouds is inspection vs an existing model.

Trying to use scans to create a model is best done by tracing the clouds, Cyra&Cloudworks is good at this

If you need more accuracy than that offers, then you have to get into using points to create object witht he power of avaraging. Then you want imageware, Cyclone, Or geomagic, or Rapid form depending on the kind of geometry you are working with.

The worst options is converting points to polygons and editing polygons.


The core problem of point clouds is that you dont start with any corners, nothing is flat in the real world and scans ALWAYS have missing information that needs to filled in. In attition, scanner noise and partial reflection create work to just clean up the point and align the points (registration) before reverse engineering begins.



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Very interesting videos, and end results, using a $20 scanner and free software. Gotta get a printer one of these days..........

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Thanks for all the info, we'll be trying this soon I'll see how it goes and do a log on it!