ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

I've just installed the free Solid Edge viewer on a computer down in the workshop. But when I try to open an assembly, not all part shows up. I can see them in the list to the left but not in the model area. And if I try just to open any of the missing files they does not show either.


I can see the entire assembly in the viewer without any trouble on my computer where I've got ST9 installed.


Any ideas?




Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

Any of the parts not showing happen to have been translated into Solid Edge?  Possibility they are construction surfaces and not shown by default...  You would have the same issue if inserting the assembly as a view in Draft.


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Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

Are thoese parts surface only models vs. solid models?

Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

They are solid models, made by me. Like I said, it works fine on my computer that has ST9 installed on it.

The only thing I can see is that some of the models that doesn't show is some what old. Made in maybe version 17 or something like that. But other than that I can't se anything wrong.


Does the viewer need read / write rights on the server? Maybe needs to be run like an administrator...


Im totaly out of ideas.



Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

Are your files in Insight?
I have seen this if some of the files are in a long path location and the cache location is defaulted to the profile location.

Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

No, not in insight.


If the long path is an issue I suspect that I would have the same problem on my computer whitch I don't...

Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

1. With no applications running, open Windows Explorer and browse to the user's %TEMP% folder.

2. Delete and clean up all possible files and folders within the %TEMP% folder. Pay particular attention to ensure any folders named "TranslatedJT" and " VisProd??????" (where ? can be a combination of nay alphanumeric characters) are explicitly removed.

3. Launch the Solid Edge Viewer.

4. Then try to open the file from the Solid Edge Viewer i.e. do not open from Windows Explorer.

Clearing and resetting the temp files and folders will typically resolve this type of issue.

Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

Thanks for the ideas, but I can't get it to work...

Re: ST9 Viewer, not showing all parts

If you suspect it is the version of the file then this would be an easy test just to open it in ST9 and save as a test name. While you have it open in ST9 you might as well run Geometry Inspector for the fun of it.

I would also place that file in a nice short path on the shop computer("C:\Temp") just to verify is isn't something to do with the folder it resides in.

Also try opening it in View and Markup on your ST9 computer to see if it works there.