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ST9 and Keyshot 7


Hi All

We are still running ST9 with Keyshot 6. I have the problem as described in this thread about updating the .bip in Keyshot after making changes in Solid Edge, after the PC has been re-booted.

It appears I need to move to Keyshot 7 (we can't change to ST10 yet).

I have downloaded the Keyshot 7 install file, but my question is what happens with the Keyshot license? Will things sort themselves out when I first run Keyshot 7 from within ST9, or do I have to take some additional steps?


585 ST10 Win 7

Re: ST9 and Keyshot 7

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I believe it will just work.  Can't say I did that with ST9 but I did upgrade KS 6  on ST10 to KS 7 and it just worked.

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Re: ST9 and Keyshot 7

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Siemens Phenom

KeyShot 7 is supported with ST10 MP1 and higher.  


With that said, here is a GTAC Newsletter article on how to update your Solid Edge to KeyShot 7.  Although the article is for ST10, the process would be the same for ST9... other than the whole KeyShot 7 is only supported on ST10 MP1 and higher concern...


Re: ST9 and Keyshot 7


@KennyG@uk_daveThank you both for your replies.

If it is a case of uninstalling both SE, Keyshot and Registry edits, it would make sense to change to ST10 at the same time. I am speaking to our IT department to see when this can be done; maybe this week Smiley Happy


I will let you know the outcome.

585 ST10 Win 7