ST9... can't save part

Well this is just dandy. I have spent 2+ hours editing a part and went to save it and SE told me I can't. So I went to the folder and unchecked "read only" but to no avail.


The more I use ST9 the more I find it having a lot of bugs. As bad as ST8 was regarding crashes, etc, ST9 looks like it going to be worse.


1).  undo doesn't always work, and on many  occasions it blows the whole part up all; the way to the original point.... even if I saved it during the edits.


2). holes that can't be deleted


3). The need to  save an entire assembly just to see Associative parts edges during edits.


The past week or so I've lost a dozen hours  of work.... I'm getting too old for this stuff!




Re: ST9... can't save part

I have run into item 3 several times now on my ST9 test box, sometimes nothing short of totally shutting out of SE and restarting it works.

Re: ST9... can't save part

From learning on DOS AutoCAD and Versicad, I'm still in the habit of manually saving about every 15 min in case power blinks or something like that happens. Especially when I do something that could be risky.


I know in today's age of computer that should not be required, but it is. Because this was mustle memory, it has taken me 30 months to get used to the new hot keys of SE.


For over 20 years, it was Alt-F-S in every program. Now it's F4