ST9 doesn't print shaded views

Hi everyone,


after updating to ST9, Solid Edge doesn't print shaded views anymore from paper printer, they appear not shaded with just black outlines. Print to PDF works just fine. I tried the registry edits (PrinterPlgBlt + STRETCHMASKBLT) with different values but with no success. Is anyone else having the same problem with ST9? I have the MP1 installed. Right now if I want to paper print shaded views, I first have to save the file to PDF and then print the PDF from Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Re: ST9 doesn't print shaded views

We had the same problem but with ST5 until we got the standard driver for the printer, but the problem that remains is that printed documents from PDF's are still better then from Solid Edge!




SE ST5/8

Re: ST9 doesn't print shaded views

Trying to make PDF's with shaded views and a reasonable file size has always been a fight for me.


I only have to do this about once every two months and I'm so behind and frustrated when done I forget exactly what I did to get it done.


Real Adobe Acrobat printer drivers do a better job than anything else I have found.