ST9, turn on surface models

How do I tell ST9 to have all surface models on by default when I bring in a part?


I have many vender imported models that are surface only. In ST7 they would insert into an assembly with surfaces on. In ST9 they don't. Can I change that?


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Re: ST9, turn on surface models

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That switch was already on.


The problem appears to be that the models I want the surfaces on, also have some actual parts in them. So that switch does not apply.


It does not take long just to turn off the surfaces. But the parts in question are used often (say 10 times per day) and time to re-model will not be available for a very long time (months or years).


Note: Vendor supplied models, I did not make the choices in how it was made.


Any other methods of: always show surface models?



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@12GAGE, Is it possible it's a conversion setting that caused there not to be bodies?

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No, it's just the way the file were supplied. STL and older IGS conversions. Step file typically come over clean.