ST9 -view and mark up issues

I have installed Solid edge ST9, when the view and mark up is used to release drawings we are having permission issue with our insight server- nothing has changed server side and is wondering if this issue has come up before


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Did it work previously with the same user? It sounds like it could be a Sharepoint site permissions issue.

Bruce Shand
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Re: ST9 -view and mark up issues

ST8 had no issues- nothing has changed server side. The user is having issues with insight in the view and mark-up when trying to release it throws errors

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You said nothing changed server side...  Did you install the server component for ST9 Insight on the SharePoint server?


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Re: ST9 -view and mark up issues

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Yes, Insight server was installed first before upgrading the CAD guys to ST9, permissions are set at top-level and the CAD guys have full control- these settings havent been touched and have been like this since ST7







Re: ST9 -view and mark up issues

I can't find it in the documentation, but I think you need to install the Insight Connect component on the Client side now to get everything to run as usual. It was not required in earlier version of SE/Insight.
Dale Smith
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
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Re: ST9 -view and mark up issues

Insight connect is used in standalone versions,they have the insight client installed which is the same thing...everything is the same as when St8
Was installed...just wondering if anyone else is getting the same in using view and markup with the insight tab