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STEP file output

I am trying to output a STEP file with only certain parts from within a Sub-assembly. I used to be able to check the radio button that said "Export Displayed Only". I have several parts visible, and activated, and go through the steps for the translation. When I open the STEP file, I do not get all of the parts. Does anyone else have this problem?



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‎09-30-2016 10:31 AM

Re: STEP file output

Answered my own question. I had been trying to save the STEP file from the sub-assembly, which did not work. When I went back to the Top Level Assembly and saved it with the "Export Displayed Only" checked, then it worked as designed....

Re: STEP file output

Although you answered your own question, you did teach me something I did not know. We often get requests for STEP files and only want to send them the shell of our products. Now I know I can uncheck them in the feature tree and save as displayed. Thanks!
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