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I am looking into creating a solid model from a laser scan ( Laser scan file being an STL). I can create a hollow shell but this isnt much use at all.   I have had a look through the forums and there seems to be a few from a couple of years ago basicly ruling this out .  Does anyone know of any developments on this issue ?


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There is nothing in Solid Edge that will convert an STL to a solid.  You will have to find another software solution to do this.  Someone who has had some experience with this may be able to suggest something.

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Re: STL File to Solid Model

Ken , 


Thanks for the reply,  I'm aware there is no way to directly convert in solidedge. Apologies I should have mentioned this in my intial post. There are several programmes that can convert a stl file to a solid but none of these programmes seem create a solid model of any quality.




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Have you seen this one?....

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Re: STL File to Solid Model

Converting point clouds to usable models is a hastle. The best method is tracing with intament knowladge of the desired results.


Since you are already down the road with an STL file, The best approach is to re-model from scratch using the existing sufaces as targets for the new model.


No software is fully setup for the inbetween steps of Polygons to nurbs to primatives. Your best off makeing primatives with the polygons as the targets.


The other method is to directly fit primatives to the points. but that has many problems like how flat, verical and square the desired results are. every program that does this costs $30K and only does one workflow that works most of the time.

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Please see this


There is also the example as picture and 3D PDF available


We have now the application under development because we received some orders about this tool. Thanks to all early adopters! Smiley Happy


Works in the following way:

Import STL -> Optimize and Simplify the Mesh -> Export To STEP ->Import to Solid Edge as an Solid


Send me you contact details and I will keep you informed



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Now we have finished the product STL2STEP.

Thanks to the early adopters for their input and their confidence.


The solution will translate the STL to STEP. The result can than be imported to Solid Edge. Additionally the user can reduce the level of detail in the translation process to keep up the performance.


I have attached a PDF that shows the result from a complex scanned model.