STL data modified in Solid Edge

Hi Edgers,




this time I would like to forward an inforamtation, I have seen in the German SE Forum, and where I think it should be shared to You too.


As You mioght know, it will be possible in ST10 to open STL files and to work with that opened STL data.


Till ST10 there seems to be an provisional solution to get there too.


You can open this STL file in ordered mode and save it immediately as IFC file.


And this IFC You can open again as sync body AND you can wortk on that.

Great and again thanks to JS from the German forum




Betreff: STL data modified in Solid Edge

Hi Edgers,

there is another hint I got from German forum:



Export the imported IFC file again as step followed by another import from step with options 

Stitch Surfaces

Boolean Solids 

Body Check


repairs those triangulated faces to have real plane surfaces instead.





Betreff: STL data modified in Solid Edge

FYI There are additional Reverse Engineering tools available for ST9 on GTAC in beta that attempts to go further and fit proper curves and surfaces to facets e.g. the filleted rounds in the picture. I believe the plan is to fold it into the standard ST10.


The presentation attached shows what it's about. Available on GTAC at Product Updates\ST9\RE Beta