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SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?


Here's the banner from the SolidSmack website talking about the SW 2015 enhancements. I was wondering what the Solid Edge community thought about them. SolidSmack does an honest job writing their opinions..what do you think...

10-10-2014 1-32-34 PM.png

I do find it interesting that there are only 9 comments and most don't pertain directly to the enhancments.



Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?


Here's #3: Parent/Child relationship appear in the Feature Tree


My normal job is to support SW and EPDM. Granted I'm not a SW CAD Jockey but I understand how it operates and the architecture behind it. As for EPDM, these systems are setup once and run...granted after several months of deciding what needs workflows and who can do what..then you have the database side of things...anyway. I just wanted people to know that I do have a SW/EPDM background and 20+ years of NX design as a user, abuser, trainer and salesperson.


So, on to Parent/Child relationship apearing in the feature tree

Like the folks for SolidSmack..neat but the delivery/UI is not what most analytical types would want. When hovering over the feature in tree all the arrows clutter the crap out of the treee. It is a visual tool. I don't recall seing the demo guy do anything with the relationships.


Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?


Here's #7: Drastically reduced file sizes = Happy Hard Drives


This has been a serious issue for those running EPDM and SW. Especially for those folks that don't use Revions in EPDM. See in these tools every check-in of a file is saved to disk/archive as a "version" of a file. The process is to move files from working states to a released state that then generates as "Revision" of document. Now with all this check-in/out issue you can fill up server disk space quickly...we did twice last year.

Anyway, here's the skinny. SW data files have been notorius for storing more data than is neccessary to define the part. I've been told that complete history of all changes to a model are stored in the SW file. Now, I can't confirm that but it is my understanding that this enhancement takes care of all the "crap" in the files. Hence you get a smaller file size. So SW 2015 is doing a purge of its data.

Now here is the interesting points about this enhancement.

1. This only occurs in SW 2015

2. Since this is accuring SW 2015 release will NOT have the abiltiy to be opened in SW 2014 (last MP). This functionality returns between 2016 and 2015

3. This conversion is done when opening files. So either you need to do a complete refile of all data or continue to take hits when opening legacy data. We have close to a 1TB of data...that's a lot of refiling..not to mention praying that your legacy assemblies even open properly.


Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?


SolidWorks Treehouse

Interesting tool but has some issues. When you build your virutal assembly this way and then open the assembly, guess what?


All parts are stacked on top of each other (I recall..about 80% postiive). This happens because most parts are designed off the principle planes and guess what. THe abosolute origin is how the parts are opened. Think about all the bolts, nuts and washers that you added as a stand alone filter thru them.

From a strategic point of view I can see this tool as a possible launch pad for other "app" based tools. I'm just not sure it is that useful for actual design work...afterall putting the components together is not the difficult part....finding the correct files/geometery is!

Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?


Ryan, this is really not the place for this discussion. The defunct Dezignstuff or OnTheEdge blogs would welcome this discussion, but the Solid Edge Community site is not really the place for it unless there is some direct connection to Solid Edge.

Retired Community Manager for Solid Edge. This account is no longer active.

Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom
There is a direct connection to Solid Edge. It's comparing the competition to see if there are any features that would be useful in a future version of Solid Edge.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: SW 2015 and their enhancement...what do you think?




I don't think Ryan was trying to be too "cheeky" on this. I think what I saw originally in the DesignSmack article speaks to what features and capabilities that we here at Solid Edge have had for sometime. I guess I think of it not a SW bashing, but more of what Solid Edge user can be grateful for.


As I mentioned in another Thread started by Dave Ault, is that sometimes all this SW envy, can be very based on very superficial thinking and therefore misplaced.


Again I agree, we don't want this forum/thread to degrade into a SW bashing but comparing the 2 software packages and their capabilities, should give comfort to those who sometimes wonder how SE stacks up against the competition.


My .02¢