Save and save as flat built into one icon

I found some info on macro's for mass creation of DXF flat files, but I am looking for a way to replace the Save command to double as a save and save as flat when in a PSM file.  Does anyone know if this exists or would someone be willing to create this?  Looking for an answer very soon.


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What do you want the macro to do when run ?


Betreff: Save and save as flat built into one icon

Hi @MikeSaari




again I can offer You our free macro SheetLaser, which exactly does what YOu request and even more.


It also generates a coiple of proeprties regarding the sheet laser process, like number of bends, the length of the maximum bend, length of total cut, etc.


And there are also two options to save after executing and to save as flat too.


And in the newest version SheetLaser is part of our MainDim macro, which besides the abpve mentioned creates main dimensions of a part and asm also.



See explanantion within the XML files, where every settings can be done.




Betreff: Save and save as flat built into one icon

Hi @hawcad,


thank you for your macro. It is very useful.

I have noticed that firstly we have to create Flat Pattern to use this macro - is there an option to use it as a flat creator too ?


How to change the settings within this macro ?


Sorry for extra questions but I do not know German language hence my questions ...


Thank you,




Production: SE ST9 MP8

Betreff: Save and save as flat built into one icon

Hi @arekkul




I thought I have written the explanations into the XMl in English too.


At least here in my files they are.



OK, let me try to explain what we thought when writing those macros.


First of all, You can define as many variables or dimensiones in the Main.XML file to be used as property for the MainDimension Property.


In the example XML You will see for instance 




<Dim ID="1">



This will mean that the first variable/dimension the macro is looking for is called B and get a description of Breite which - ok in that case is German and means Width

The values for the Offset name would be Off_B what can be used to enter such a variable with a certain value, let's say 5 mm what will result in Raw-Variable called Roh_B (or name it Raw_B to show the raw dimension for that.

The Expose setting lets You define wether or not this value/dimension should be exposed or not


This will be done for all of the following varaibles.




a few line below You will see




Those one let You define the name of the use Main_Dimension Property and the Raw_Dimension Property





In the SheetLase.XML You can define all settings for the use in PSM files.

What are the names of the proeprties, should the flat be saved as DXF and if Yes to which folder



But those explanations will be there in English too


Take a look, and don't hesitate to ask me further here in the forum if necessary




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1st I want it to do a regular save of the psm file in the same folder that it resides in.  If it's the 1st time save, a dialog should pop up and ask for a location.  2nd I would like it to save a DXF of the flat to a specific folder (different from where the psm is stored).  If the flat doesn't exist, it would act as normal and ask for a face to flatten from and an edge to align with the x axis.

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Sounds like our tool "SeAdvancedSave".


This tool can be triggered in two ways.

1. When the Save action is started in Solid Edge (push on the icon or Ctrl-s)

2. Interactive with a push on the button


This tool can save all available formats in Solid Edge in this process even the "Save as flat". 

This will use the existing flatten. If no flatten exist you can configure that the system is automatically generating one. It will take from the larges face the longest edge for this operation.


The naming of the folder or the file is extremely flexible. You can make use of all available properties in Solid Edge or you can custom it with regular expressions. So the name or the folder location can be totally different form the source file.

You can also save different file formats in just one process eg. PDF and Tiff from a draft


Depending on he environment you can define different options e.g.:

Part: Save Tiff

PSM: Save "Flatten DXF"

Draft: Save PDF and Tiff



If you need details please let me know



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Sounds very interesting.  Is this a free, downloadable program?

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Thanks for everyones suggestions.  We ended up taking bits and pieces of existing code, and wrote our own program to have an add-in added to the existing save button.  It looks for the material property and if there is a flat pattern it will save the DXF flat pattern to the proper DXF folder.  So far, so good.