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Save as PDF with only selected lines


I need to do some simple mods to dxf files of sheet metal parts.   I wish to use a custom line in place of a bend line, such that the laser will cut a stop-start perforation.   I bend the thin sheet by hand on these perf cuts.   I can create a custom line to my spec and add it to the drawing.   However, if i save as dxf and then try to reopen the file to make sure it is correct I see the perforation cut line as a solid line.   If I see a solid line the laser will cut continuously.  No good.   If I save as the dft file format and reopen it shows the perf line as intended.   How do I get my dxf or dwg file to show the same dashed line (which will be my perforation cut)?


Betreff: Save as PDF with only selected lines

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @SDTurner


have You defined the linestyle in Your DXF output options for flat pattern in PSM?





You can define there a line type and/or a layer for those entities.

And openeing a DXF file also depends on Your import settings.

So if the line style isn't defined there it could be that import will convert it back to solid line style.