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Save as flat file name blank when File Naming Rule set to "Use Document Number and Revision ID"


I have another noob question. 

I'm trying out using the setting [Options->File Management-> File Naming Rules = "Use Document Number and Revision ID"]  I like it as it enforces the document and revision properties to be correct.  Now, I have painfully figured out why no one else in our group uses this feature, it is dxf creation.  When this setting set to "None" the save as flat dxf default file name is automatically set to the file name with .dxf extension in place of .psm; wonderful behavior.  I don't understand why setting to use the document and revision should cause that to quit working.  Now it's blank and I'm back to entering redundant data.  Our dxfs MUST match our file name, except for the extension of course.


Is there a setting to get the save as dxf file name to automatically match the psm file?  Even better would be for the document and revision properties to match those in the psm file which would allow the file naming rule to apply to dxf just fine.


From some quick searching I'm suspicious it has to do with preventing duplicate file names, (which would not apply in this case as xyz-01.psm != xyz-01.dxf)  Similarly, the document number of the psm, dft and dxf should be the same.


Thank you.

If you cannot find a Solid Edge setting, confirm you have a file open of the type that will be affected.