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Save as image

I have found some where (but now forgotten) that explain how to "export" model image to excel or any other microsoft package without any pixel distortion on stretching. 


I have tried save as image and paste it to excel but its pixels distorted on stretching.


kindly suggest


Re: Save as image

Hi, you can copy a draft view and paste it straight into excel. Is that what you meant?

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Place a drawing view of the model in Draft (use a saved view if you want a non-standard orientation).

Shade the drawing view to look just as in the model.

Copy the drawing view from Draft and then paste directly in Word/Excel.

This will not distort.




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Hi there @AM2,


Further to what others have might check the "Options" for the image file format [Type] selected, and make some increased [size & quality] settings there, if you haven't already.



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Re: Save as image

Yes this is what I was looking for. But it is not reflecting shadded model. (colored) when I paste it in excel. It pastes in the form of Wire Frame.
What could be the problem? 

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Re: Save as image

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Strangely enough Smiley Frustrated a shaded view from SE Draft pastes shaded in Word but wireframe in Excel (and PowerPoint and Wordpad and MS Paint - for the record).


As a workaround, paste first in Word (or a Outlook message) as shaded, then copy shaded from Word (or Outlook) again and paste in Excel


So what's common in Word and Outlook that is missing in Excel, Wordpad and MS Paint - Spellchecker ? Robot LOL