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Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

Hello Community,

my CAD model contains assemblies, subassemblies and single parts. Some parts, for example the screws, are equal and I used the same part more times in the the assambeled CAD model. It is a finished assembled model. So every part has its fixed space in the model.


My Question is now, how can I save my CAD modell as JT files, that I get for every part (for every screw) a seperated JT file with it is own transformationmatrix (coordinates in the assembled model)?


I am able to save the CAD model as JT files, but Solid Edge just creates one JT for every part.

So for my 24 screws I just get on JT file.


The background for my question is that I want to integrate the JT files in the PLM Teamcenter but I just want to use the single part JT files and not the complete assembly JT file of my CAD model.


If I explained my problem to complicated feel free to ask any questions, I will try my best.

Thank you very much for your help.


Best regards



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Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

First question, are you using Solid Edge with Teamcenter? If so, let Solid Edge create the JT files for Teamcenter automatically when saving the Solid Edge files into Teamcenter. Don't attempt this manually.


If not using Solid Edge with Teamcenter, then saving individual JT files for every instance of a component isn't going to help you any. Why do you think you need 24 JT models of the screw each with it's own unique transformation matrix? You only have one screw part number, you only need one screw JT file. The transformation matrix for each occurrence of the screw would be contained in the assembly file. If you create 24 screw JT files each with it's own unique transformation matrix you would then need 24 unique part numbers in Teamcenter to store these 24 "unique" parts. Somehow I don't think you want 24 part numbers for the same screw.


Perhaps instead of asking how to create 24 unique transformed JT files of the same screw, which I honestly do not see how can be of help to you, we go back to the beginning and ask what exactly it is you trying to achieve with the JT in Teamcenter.

Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

If it can be short and simple: Why are there JT files? What is their purpose/function. Are they Teamcenter specific?

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Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

Okay that makes sense for me. An already helped me.


So I always have also to add the assembly JT file of the product in TC to display it at the Lifecycle Visualization?


Thank you very much.



Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

The assembly JT file is what contains the transformation matrices for the individual components, so if importing the data, yes you would have to add the assembly JT.


However, I would still ask in what context is your question being asked?  Why are you creating and importing JT files?  If you use the Teamcenter CAD integrations, the integrations will automagically create the JT files for you.

Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

Thank you for your response.


At the moment I use Solide Edge but without an integration with Teamcenter, because I also have to handle the JT import into Teamcenter with other CAD programs. Therefore I try to use the two softwares seperately.Moreover it is new for me to use Teamcenter.

Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model



If you have to do this JT create and import activity fairly regularly, it would be well worth having a conversation with your employer about purchasing at least one seat of the Solid Edge Embedded Client (or whatever flavour of CAD you need)


IMHO, the costs associated with amount of time spent manually processing, creating, and importing the JT data, not to mention the possibility of accidental errors, will far exceed the cost of a single Teamcenter CAD integration seat.





Re: Saving separated JT files for every part in a CAD model

@bshand and to anwser your question.


JT files are a lightweight, neutral 3D file format used for product visualization, collaboration, and CAD data exchange/interoperability.


JT files are primarily used in the context of the Teamcenter suite of tools but can also be used standalone.


For more on JT check out the Wikipedia page.


You can download a free JT viewer from here.

Re: Import JT's to Teamcenter

Hello Community,


I created JTs of the components and a assembly file with Solid Edge, imported them into Teamcenter, but at the moment Teamcenter does not display the assembled part in the right way. It just display the the single components without the coordination information of the assembly.


In Teamcenter all (components and assembled part) Designs have the JT file as "DirectModel" with the Reference Type "Rendering".


Is somebody see my mistake in which step I do something wrong? In the saving of the JT or in the creation of the Designs and Direct Models in Teamcenter?

Or is something wrong with the CAD model itself, if it is not possible, because it is a free example from GrabCAD.


Best regards