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Saving to PDF with high quality



I am trying to save a couple of draft files as PDF in order to show a customer. I select save as and then change it to be saved as a PDF. If I click the option button I can change a few stuff there among the dpi so I put that at the maximum. However I still get very thick blurry lines in the PDF I created when I zoom. 


I tried to find a way to print as PDF under the print option but no luck there. Any suggestions for me? 


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Re: Saving to PDF with high quality

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Hello Gustav:


If there are drawing views which look blurry, the Drawing Views properties dialog has a Shaded view quality with DPI settings too, but that should apply only if any views are shaded.


Can you post an image of the 'blurry' PDF; this could be subjective since both Drawings Views and the PDF contents are suppose to be vector in nature and should scale up neatly.


Except any images inserted or textures used on model faces, nothing is seen blurred in the PDF in my small test.



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‎09-25-2015 02:09 AM

Re: Saving to PDF with high quality

In the pdf hit ctrl-5 on your keyboard. This toggles line fonts.

Bruce Shand
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Re: Saving to PDF with high quality

That's a neat little trick Bruce.

Would be interesting to see how it works in GustavK's case.


Re: Saving to PDF with high quality

Perfect thank you! the ctrl+5 works perfect for me. 

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Ctrl+5 doesn't work for me like in the picture bellow!


PDF's from another customer/CAD systems looks really better and every details looks very clear...


The test is from ST5




Re: Saving to PDF with high quality

Another trick is to increase the scale of the draft. I usually use A3 Sheet if I want to save to PDF. The larger the scale, the better the quality and the customer doesn't have to use the neat CTRL+5-trick suggested by Bshand.

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I did try that acutally and even scaling up to A0 but the difference from A3 (my standards size) and A0 was minimal.

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Can someone please explain what the "Ctrl 5" function is doing?

Obviously is is within Acrobat, but i do not understand how or why this works.


We are also wrestling with the same issue.


Our drawing sheets have always had their line font widths set up so that they look great when printed onto paper from SE direct.


But in a moment of 'blinding flash of the obvious' it has occured to us, that around 99% of our drawings are printed from a PDF file, and consequently most look pretty ordinary.


We have today been trying 'thinner' line fonts in order to get more definition, but are finding the drawings are becoming harder to read because all the lines are now thin.


Is there an alternate PDF printer that could be used that captures the CAD linework better?


I have recently received a number of PDF drawings that have had massive complexity, on a A3 sheet, that looks great in printed format, and also allows relatively unlimited zoom in acrobat.



David Finlay