Scale of drawing

A very basic question but unable to fathom. How does one change the scale of a drawing. I have tried several option changes but when I draw a line of visually the same length it always gives the same measurement. Up to now I have managed to get my drawings on the page but now the new drawing is too big for the drawing area. Hope that makes sense.


Re: Scale of drawing

Hi there,


I presume you are creating 2D drawing views of 3D models would be scaled as you place them, and easily scaled afterwards by selecting a view and adjusting the scale value in the ribbon bar.

In the case of all CAD drawings, you should always design in full size, and place scaled views of that/those drawings/models.


What you need to do is create a "2D Model" [this creates a new sheet,  where the actuale drawing is located] found on the sketching tab, in the drawing views group. [command finder at th lower right of the graphics window will also assist in locating this for you]....take a look at the attached video that hopefully will help you out.


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Re: Scale of drawing

Two concepts here:

1 All modeling and 2D drafing (done in the 2D environment) should be drawn at 1:1 or full scale.

2 when you insert views, you then decide the scale.


When starting a new sheet the fiest view inserted will deterine the value of "Scale" variable that can be displayed in draft. If you then do other work and have multiple scales on one page.....I'm not sure how to manage that.

Re: Scale of drawing

If you need to indicate the scale of views that differ from the scale indicated on the format simply show the scale in a caption. 

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