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When I am in the program drawing something, for exsample a trailer I am trying to
draw to scale.
I make the width of the trailer 6 inches to represent 72"
When I try to put on dimentions it always shows 6" , not 72" or if I want something
else 68" it won't show that it will show whatever it actally is on the page. IS
there a way to change this?????


Of course if I actally make it 68" it is way to big to print.

Re: Scale

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In Solid Edge you always draw your geometry at 1:1 scale. You use other
tools to create scaled drawings. We do this so that you do not have to be
concerned with trying to draw geometry at a specific scale. You always draw
what you actually want. There are a few ways to create a scaled drawings,
keeping in mind that you draw the geometry at the actual size.
There is a couple of different workflows you can choose, but I need more
information about your actual intent. Are you actually trying to create a
drawing at a specific scale, or simply print your geometry on a piece of
paper at whatever scale it takes to get it on the paper provided?
Rick B.