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Scaling geometry along an axis

Hi there.

Is there a way to scale some geometry along a specific axis?
In my case I would like to stretch a geometry (composed of lines and curves) along the Y axis, maintaining it identical on the X axis.
Actually if this could be applied to a block, I'd like to know how to.

I do not want to only have a stretched view of the geometry, but rather really scale the geometry itself. Btw, I think my geometry doesn't contain relatioships that would need be broken to allow this stretching.

Thanks for your help,


Re: Scaling geometry along an axis

Are you wanting stretch?
Or are you wanting scale in a direction?
Scale changes arcs and circles to elliptical arcs and ellipses.
I believe you want stretch.
There is a stretch command under drop list by the Mirror command.
Try something simple to get a feel for the command.
Draw an endpoint constrained rectangle.
Start the Stretch command and fence select the top line.
Move the line around. Notice that it removes the horizontal/vertical
constraints from the vertical lines.
Rick B.

Re: Scaling geometry along an axis

Hi Rick.

I actually do want to scale along an axis, not stretch. I really want curves to get "compressed", circles to become ellipses etc...

Is that possible?


Re: Scaling geometry along an axis

No. There is no command to do that.
What is the workflow?
Rick B.

Re: Scaling geometry along an axis

Thanks Rick.

I have drawn a guitar body shape.
I wanted to try to "compress" this shape along its length only to see how this would affect the global impression. Scaling the whole body (both x and y) doesn't yield a change in the global impression, and actually creates other problems.
I can always do that compression in the view sheet I suppose, but if I find out that a certain compression pleases me, I won't be able to actually transpose this change to the geometry if there is no command to do so.
Moreover, the neck must not be compressed, so handling the different scales in the view could be a problem I suppose.

Thanks for your support,

Re: Scaling geometry along an axis

AutoCAD can scale blocks in the X or Y axis, its a pity about solid edge =(