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Screw cap body



I have problem with screw cap body(like this one in bottle). I want to make sth like in this video(8:37-10:51): in my own design: When I'm trying to make thing from 9:00 it appears as not connected with my roller. It's like 2D could not work for me ith 3D(roller). Do you have any tips how to make it finally work? Or other way to make this body for screw cap? (I'm working on Solid Edge ST9)

Any help will be appreciated Smiley Happy



Re: Screw cap body

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

without seeing your design it's really hard to say.  make sure you are using a true bisecting plane for your helix profile would be my 1st guess...


can you send screen shot of your profile sketch...  and an iso view of your sketch to the body.


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