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Section view and Broken out view


Hi All


Need our input as we work on SE older version and wonder if someone has experience this in the past.


Those who use section view, PMI section and broken out in drawing on ST 4/5/6.


We happend to have users mixing all those in their views.


Example having PMI section enable from the view properties and having a Broken out section at the same time in the same view.


The two are kind of coplanar ( they extrude cut in the same direction)


The PMI section cut a section of the assembly to removed the legs of the thank

The Broken out cut half of the bottom of the tank to see the nozzle.

Under ST2 things were going smooth, but now we happend to open them with ST5/6/7/ and we seems to have conflict. We are force to get back to view properties to enable the check box to apply the cut each time we update teh drawing.